Monday, 15 December 2014

Sorry for the delay!

Welcome to our new blog.
Despite the popular belief that something terrible had happened and we had been picked up by pirates and therefore the blog had stopped. We had actually gone home in June and our last entry had disappeared into the ether.
But now we have returned to Grenada, managing to leave England just before the snow and gales hit. Sorry for the delay in getting started on this site after letting you all know the new address, but we have been slightly distracted.
We have spent the last week in the boat yard getting Stream ready to be launched. A job made more difficult by the temperature being in the mid to high thirties, although we are assured it will get cooler soon and the fact that we had to climb up and down a ladder to get on board. Sarah found it quite difficult to cope with the height and was definitely not impressed by Darrell's desire to be hoisted up the mast to check it.
Luckily, the many jobs requiring attention kept his feet on the ground. He has spent most of the week looking like a forensic officer in his white all in one suit, shoe covers and face mask, as he sanded and then antifouled the hull. Often in the dark with a head torch as it was cooler, much to the amusement of the boatyard staff. (Pictures to follow when we have sorted the technology, camera talking to iPad, as we forgot the small child!)
It's been the unforeseen jobs and those that have required outside assistance that have taken their toll on Darrell's patience. Luckily Sarah has been using her solution focus training. Managing to mend the propellor, the cams in jammers and leaks in the dinghy among other things, she has her uses, while Darrell got on with the bigger jobs.
Stream was launched late Friday afternoon, with the electrician still on board mending the radio, although he had supposedly completed this repair in July, and the boatyard crew giving the hull its final polish. A very hectic hour! But it was a relief to get on the water and onto a buoy.
Both of us ready for a quiet night aboard Stream.


  1. Come on you two, can we have more regular updates!

  2. Happy New Year! What a place to be to start 2015!