Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Preparations

Darrell decided that he wanted something different for Christmas dinner this year. He wasn't sure what to have but it had to be fresh. After a bit of thought he came up with the answer to his conundrum. A boat was passing by Stream and stopped to show off its catch of the day. They had been eight miles off shore and had been diving on the reef to catch lobster. Darrell made his choice and for EC25, he received a definitely fresh and quite frisky lobster.
Darrell found a friend for dinner.
Then Darrell spent five minutes in cupboards and lockers trying to find a pan big enough, while the spiny lobster wandered around the cockpit. This proved slightly difficult, but he was determined that it would fit in our biggest pan. Generator on, induction hob plugged in and within ten minutes:

Any bigger and it wouldn't have fitted in the pan..

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