Saturday, 20 December 2014

Confessions of a new blogger

We spent several hours composing our first post on this blog. Saving regularly and trying to insert photos. As we typed away, we thought we should preview what we had written. Imagine the consternation when we were confronted by a blank page below the gorgeous picture of Stream in Tobago Cays.
After much puzzlement and trying different solutions to no avail, the IT maestro was suddenly hit by a flash of inspiration. On first setting up the blog, we had encountered problems on getting the title to show up on the picture, so we had to change the font colour to white. I am sure you have got there ahead of me, our default text had been set to white. Obviously, white on white doesn't work well. Unless we wanted to send hidden messages I suppose. So the IT wizard waved the wand and the blog was published. However, this was a short term spell as we are still defaulting to white font, which with our frazzled brains causes hilarity of a sort.

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