Saturday, 20 December 2014

Practical Problem Solving

Well we may be on the water, but not all was well. Especially with the dinghy. It hadn't reacted well to being in its bag in a dark locker for six months. So we have spent several hours mending leaks around the sponsons on the ends of the main tubes. Each time we think we have had success and we put her back in the water we are frustrated. Although the leaks are slow she still deflates during the day. On inspection we find the air has found another escape route. This has also been added to, due to the fact the outboard wouldn't work that we have been rowing or paddling to shore and back each time. This has caused stress on the rollocks and all the plastic bits glued to her topside decided to fall off in succession over a few days.
So on the day we needed to take the outboard ashore for servicing, we thought we had it all sussed and launched the dinghy with enthusiasm. However, as Sarah was fixing the engine in place she heard that familiar but by now dreaded hissing sound, a new leak but on the actual tube. So imagine the scene: Darrell rowing quickly as the recently glued rollick felt the strain, while Sarah hung over the side with her fingers over the hole and typically this was the only day that we weren't offered a tow by the passing dinghy brigade. Luckily, we made it safely ashore to meet the outboard man and while we waited Sarah did a running repair in Budget Marine car park. As we had to wait a few hours for the glue to cure we took a trip into St George's to do some shopping, oh the joy!

At least this has given us time to work out the technology for getting photos on this blog.
Darrell has been busy putting his skills to work, although I am not sure if the hazard suit was truely necessary.

Ebola Man to the rescue! Ready to antifoul Stream.
Look I am not sinking - yet! 

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