Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hiking Grenada Part 2

Our hiking continued!  
Concord waterfall number 2, the hike destination.
After a refreshing swim in the cold water, we had a picnic lunch and then set off down the valley. The first waterfall was empty of tourists when we reached it, so we took advantage of the quiet time and climbed down to it and watched the locals fishing.
The First and more touristy waterfall at Concord
Then we drove up towards 'Leapers' Hill', so named as it is where the last Caribs jumped into the sea below, rather than surrender to the French. They had retaliated against the French domination of their island, so the French had employed the full force of their superior weapons and killed or taken the Caribs into slavery . The last standoff was on the north end of the island. As we drove towards the area we noted several signs pointing to the direction of Leapers Hill and stating it was one mile away. However, we didn't find it despite driving in circles a few times. So we parked up on the Main Street of Sautiers and wandered to where we thought it may be. On the top of the hill is a cemetery, we walked along the path to the side, where we met a local  and two American students climbing under a broken locked gate. The local bemoaned the fact that one of the island's cultural treasures was ignored and was locked off. He urged us to go and see. We followed his example and wriggled under the gate and walked through the disused tourist centre down to the cliff, where in the rock are carved several petroglyphs- carvings by the indigenous people of faces and symbols. There were also look out points and the remained of some statues. The tourist board must have put some money into the building of this, but now it is disused. We then walked up into the graveyard to see the commemorative monument on the hill.

Darrell returned the car minus several more wheel nuts and all of the hub centres, but apparently this is a common thing here and the owner just shrugged. Luckily we had not added any more dings or scrapes on our excursions.

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