Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sailing at Last!

We could put it off no longer, we were both desperate to get on the move. Although Grenada has become one of our top five islands and we have enjoyed our stay here, the desire to see new places was giving us itchy feet and the strong winds of the last week were moderating and in a slightly more favourable direction.
To break us in gently we did a short sail, with both sails set, although well reefed as the wind hadn't dropped much, to Molienere point by the underwater sculpture park. This gave us the opportunity to check out the new Genoa and iron out some small hitches, like the new halyard not holding in the jammer. (Very inconvenient!) or the new Genoa not having reefing marks to make life easier for Sarah when winching it in.
We picked up one of the marine park buoys very easily, but were slightly concerned when a 56ft cat took the one next to us. Luckily, after some snorkelling they decided that they were too close to us and left. However, a Norwegian boat came just before sunset and with the swell it was obvious that neither boat were comfortable with how close we would swing together. So we moved around the buoys to ensure we all had space, ensuring a more relaxing night.
The snorkelling over the coral was good and we saw one of the largest shoals of fish that we have ever encountered. So not a bad start to our adventure although Sarah did exit the water very quickly after a brief encounter with a large Baraccuda!
Next morning we were up early to sail up to Carriacou, unfortunately the marine park officials were up early too, but we didn't mind the $10 fee for using the buoy.
We motor sailed to begin with as the wind had dropped, but much to Darrell's relief the wind picked up and we were able to set both sails. Keeping both reefs in the main proved a good idea, as towards the North end of the island the winds really picked up. We were close hauled all the way to Carriacou, but we arrived safely despite transgressing the exclusion zone for 'Kicking Jenni', the underwater volcano that is steadily growing and is now only 180 metres below sea level. Although it last erupted in 2009 the concern is that it is belching out gas every now and then, which can cause bouyancy problems for ships and little yachts!

Tyrrel Bay anchorage on Carriacou looking south to Grenada
Introducing our new competition "Spot Stream". Stream is anchored somewhere in the photo. To enter this simple competition all you have to do is use your skill and judgement to identify Stream amongst the anchored yachts and circle her on a copy of the photo and submit on a postcard to:
"Spot Stream Competition", c/o Stream, somewhere in the Windward Isles, The Caribbean, W Indies.
Entries must be received by the next full moon and are restricted to non crew members of Stream.
Emails will also be accepted.

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