Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dodging the rain

When I think of endless grey days, where the sky and land merge and the rain is torrential. I don't associate it with January in the Caribbean. But just as England has been suffering gales and rain, so have we. It's been 'interesting' tethered to the earth by a hook and chain, as we have been buffeted by howling winds and lashing rain. Definitely not conducive to a good night's sleep! It's been more like our sailing on the west coast coping with wet clothes and things, hanging around the boat, that just don't seem to want to dry.
For six days we have played dodge the rain. Although for at least one that meant hiding below all day. However, we did manage two good hikes on Carriacou without getting wet. Our first on Sunday was up Chapeau Carre. A rather steep hill with a sort of path that went through grassland and woods. For once there was a glorious view from the top as the sun was shining. A much quicker descent and back to the boat for a well deserved swim, but five minutes in the water and the heavens opened again.
View to the south looking over Ile Ronde towards Grenada.
Next morning we were up early and took two buses to the North. Windward is the home for traditional Carriacou boat building. We watch them cut part of a frame from a tree trunk using a chainsaw. The only difference to the way boats have been built on the island is they now have power tool. We then walked the coastal route back to Hillsborough, via the 'Bogel House'. Again just as we stepped back on Stream the heavens opened and we were stuck belowdecks for the rest of the day.
Rebuilding a traditional boat from its hull.

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