Friday, 9 January 2015

Evening Entertainment

We often sit in the cockpit as the sun sets having a drink and watching the world go by. While in Prickley Bay we were lucky enough to have a  catamaran anchor near us with a small child on it. We would watch as he climbed all over the boat, using it as an adventure playground. As the sunset he would be bouncing about on the trampoline between the bows often laughing and giggling with his parents. If fenders were added to the mix then more fun was had by all. He was a real hoot to watch.

We met them at happy hour ashore and struck up a friendship, their three year old was a delight for everyone. It was nice to learn that one of his favourite things was to lie on the trampoline at night,before going to bed, with his dad learning the names of the all constellations you can see in the dark, clear skies.

We were invited over one evening to play Mexican Train Dominoes, although Darrell heard it as Mexican trained Dominoes and spent a long time wondering what they were trained to do and how they were trained. We spent a pleasant evening with the family learning this "new to us" version of the game of dominoes, that did actually involve little trains (not sure where the Mexicans come in though.) Although we were disappointed that the batteries were taken out of the station so the train noises wouldn't wake the little boy. Amusement was increased by grandma adding new rules as we played. "The lady with the smoking dog rule" being one of the best! The game did seem to have the arcane rules of Mornington Crescent.

However, even Darrell, who is not renowned for his enjoyment of games, got into the spirit, especially when he won a round! We also had a guided tour of the boat, which is always interesting. This cat got Darrell's approval as it was more of a sailing cat rather than a cruising one. Thus giving the blokes a chance to bond over sailing amid discussions of sail trim, sheeting angles and use of the dagger boards.

Often, we sit in the cockpit with a drink to watch the sun set in hope of the green flash. However, despite a perfect view there are times when, well .... Something just spoils it!

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  1. Ah, a photo of a splendid sunset yet again. Alas I have to say that this is still not as good as Simon's photo in Marigot Bay last year!!! :) I am wondering if Sarah had a go on the trampoline too???
    xx Julie.