Sunday, 29 March 2015

Dominica: The Nature Island.

We had a good sail across from Les Saintes to Dominica, despite the wind shifts we made good time and Sarah was able to relax. Although, she is still very twitchy waiting for the gusts to go up above thirty and the boat to heel further. But Darrell had manage to persuade her that only one reef was needed and that all of the Genoa would be ok for most of the journey. Of course he had the added reason that two other boats were leaving just before us, so there was a race to be had! We took the narrow channel out which meant we were able to get into the channel ahead of them and Darrell kept the boat close hauled so he had a better line for our destination. So he was happy that we were in Prince Rupert's Bay and anchored well before they arrived.
We had a long hike to customs, but for once the online system worked and Darrell only had to sign four copies of the document when it was printed out. Being Dominica that means we are checked in and out for a two week stay, so we don't have to visit customs here again.
We decided to do the whole trail we had started last time we were in Portsmouth. This is a muddy and undulating section of the Watikabuli trail, with some very steep parts. This time we were well prepared with our hiking boots and managed to follow it well up into the mountains to the old railway line and across the ridges around to near to the American medical university. It was a good four hour hike up and down through the rainforest, listening to the birds and occasionally remembering to look at views and the forest rather than our feet.

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