Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cousteau's Marine Park

The area off the North West Coast of Guadaloupe, by Pigeon Island and Malendure was where Jacques Cousteau did much of his diving and filming. It is now a marine protection area.  The snorkelling is some of the best we have done, as it is teeming with a variety of fish of all sizes, shapes and colours, lots of turtles and magnificent corals. The water was clear, although rather choppy with the high winds and swell.
Sarah was obviously on a mission when we dinghied out to Pigeon Island, as she swam all the way around it. She says she was trying to find a quiet spot! Swimming above divers can be fun as you pop their exhaled air bubbles, but it does spoil the visibility and is quite noisy and there were a lot of divers, possibly visiting Cousteau's statue which is about 30 metres down on the south end of the island. The marathon swim was worth the effort, as was the swim along the coast round the headland as we were rewarded with some fabulous sights.
We also had the pleasurable experience of joining our friends three year old on one of his first snorkels. The squeaks coming from his snorkel, as he saw the amazing underwater world, were a delight.

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  1. Wonderful photos! We wish we were there with you.
    P.s..... did you set up the dancing robot?