Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Carnival time in Dominica

Carnival is known as Mas Domnik or the real Mas in Dominica and consists of two days of jump up and parades. We wandered into Rosseau to watch the spectacle, although we didn't manage the 5am start things were still in full flow at 9am! The party atmosphere was heightened by the loud music, the costumes and the dancing in the street. To which Darrell was treated to an up close and personal one with a young lady much to the amusement of both of us.

As we wandered around the streets of Rosseau we came across the children getting their costumes on for their parade. All the schools seemed to be represented with a variety of brightly coloured costumes ranging from Minions to parrots. Then we came across the stilt walkers getting ready in their black and white costumes. The youngest was only 6 and the stilts meant they were level with the first floor balconies as they paraded through the streets. 


We returned the next day for the more formal parade and watched from the balcony of a cafe. The parade is started off with the carnival princess, queens and kings and then followed by a host of groups in costumes,which were highly elaborate and colourful. It seems that everyone gets involved from the local dj's, the mothers groups as well as the parishes. Again the stilt walkers we out in more complex costumes reflecting the diversity of the island. A great morning was spent watching and dancing along to the music.

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