Saturday, 13 February 2016

Grenadian Hashes

What to do on a Saturday afternoon in Grenada, especially if you are stuck in the boat yard? That was our dilemma. Actually it didn't take long for us to decide, as at the end of our stay last year we managed to go to two 'Hashes' and had really enjoyed ourselves, so when we heard on the Cruiser net that the hash was going to be in Laurel in St David's, not too far from the boat yard we were up for it. Luckily, Shademan the taxi man agreed to swing by and collect us after he had dropped off the Hashers from the main anchorages. So we waited patiently at the yard gate for him. We headed in land and up to a very pretty part of the island about half an hour from the yard. We were dropped off on the sports field of the local school and there were a couple of hundred other people.
A Hash for those who don't know is a walk or run following a paper trail through the bush, followed by a social gathering. The Grenadian hashers have the tag line: "runners with a drinking problem!"
After the initial ceremonies, just to say don't wear new shoes unless you like to drink beer from them! Instructions were given and we headed off with the large group. Lots of locals, students from the university, yachties, tourists and dogs, a very mixed and happy bunch. After a few miss turns we eventually found the right trail and enjoyed a pleasant hour wandering through a cocoa estate, rainforest and up steep hills before finally getting back to the sports field. A great way to stretch the legs and shake off the boat yard. We then sat and chatted while watching the initiation ceremony of the first timers before being dropped back as darkness fell at the boat.

We had enjoyed it so much that we arranged to go the following week to the full moon hash. A nightime event. So armed with torches, bug spray and water we joined Shademan on the trip to the middle of the island. Just past Grand Etang Lake is a small village called Birch Grove. The Hashers all gathered in the backyard of the Las Vegas bar, a small bar attached to a house in the process of being built.
As night fell we all set off, following the road first but soon cutting off to follow the river into the rainforest. Then climbing up through the trees and negotiating the mud as we went up several hundred metres in the dark, there was not much moonlight at this point. We crossed the river a couple of times and continued to climb. It was the first hash where we hadn't been able to enjoy the scenery as we just couldn't see it, we just kept trying not to bump into it or slip in it. At times it was so steep that queues form on the slopes and it was difficult not to slide down. Eventually, we came out of he forest and found the road, which we followed back down to the bar and barbecue. As we walked down the road, the moon finally showed itself. 

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