Thursday, 2 April 2015

Getting "Lost" with SeaCat

When we were here earlier in the month SeaCat had told us about a trail he was trying to find to some waterfalls on his friend's land. He wanted to find a more challenging route in that went past the less accessible waterfalls and finished at the two that had recently been developed for the Cruiseship visitors. He asked if we fancied 'getting lost in the rainforest' with him on our return to the Island. A silly question as we are always up for a day out with SeaCat and most of the time we have no idea of our exact position, we just trust him to get us back to our boat. 

So it was with excitement and some extra food that we set off on our next jaunt. We went up into the mountains to the 'new' waterfall attraction and met the landowner. He was astonished that SeaCat hadn't managed to find the trail in when he had tried. They had a long and animated discussion in the local Patois. We politely admired the concrete road and steps down to the waterfalls that he had built by hand himself, for the Cruiseship visitors. 

Then we stepped over the fence and went into the rainforest on a very old narrow trail down to the river. We were using roots to go down steep cliffs and scrambling over rocks and crossing the river: all the normal activities on a day out with SeaCat. The river is in a steep sided valley, with dense rainforest on both sides. Along its course we found the different waterfalls and enjoyed swims in the very cold and clear water.

After a lunch of the different wraps that Sarah had made up, all that went down well. (Is this perhaps a new career opportunity?) We climbed and scrambled back up to the carpark. Lost and found in a few hours, all great fun!
We then went to visit 'Spanny waterfalls', this is another Cruiseship trip and is at first viewing fairly tame. But suddenly SeaCat had disappeared and then reappeared at the top of a cliff calling us to follow. 

We used ropes and roots to climb up after him and down into the next ravine, where there was a glorious waterfall hidden from the less adventurous. It's all in knowing what you will find, if you are willing to go off the obvious trails, according to SeaCat.

On our way back to Roseau we visited more of SeaCat friends and came back to the boat with bags loaded with fresh sweet juicy pineapples and avocados that we were assured that if we kept them warm would soon ripen.

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