Saturday, 7 February 2015

A different sense of a place.

Dragging ourselves away from the serenity of Tobago Cays was made a lot easier, as we know we will be back with friends in a week or so. So we upped anchor and motor sailed the short distance across to Mayreau. We chose Salt Whistle Bay at the Northern end of the island, as when we came in May we were smitten by it. how things can change!
The last bar before the jungle.
Salt Whistle Bay is a gorgeous horseshoe bay, with a white sand beach fringed with palm trees. The epitome of the image of Caribbean beaches. From the anchorage you can see across the beach, through the trees to the Tobago Cays. Nestled in the trees is a stone built bar and tables, that seem to belong to Alice in Wonderland, part of a resort that is no longer in use, but quite magical. On the beach there are a few bars. The water is turquoise and clear. So it makes the perfect stop after the Cays.

The stone built booths in the abandoned resort on the beach.
It was fairly busy when we came in and we anchored between some boats in a patch of sand. However, a local boat boy informed us that we were in the way of the buoy and the big Cats would charge us. So we moved and anchored in a nice space. But within half an hour we were surrounded by 60ft Catamarans. In fact we were so close that we could join in their conversations. This made for a less than tranquil night. Especially as at 8pm in the pitch back another came in to anchor and seemed to be in our cockpit with us. 
We did swim ashore to visit the bars and have a walk, but dodging the boats was a little difficult. In fact Sarah was so engrossed following a fish she swam into a 60 ft Catamaran.

We were pleased to leave the next morning for a romp across to Bequia. Close hauled most of the way a nice easy sail, making 8 knots with two knots of current with us. Sarah had a fleeting though of shaking out a reef but soon got over it!

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